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Welcome to "SIBARIS", a cattery of Siberian cats!

We are Arina Kozyr and Alexander Kolesnikov. We are PhDs in molecular biology, and though breeding of Siberian cats is our hobby, we are trying to approach it professionally. We are doing our best to apply our knowledge in biology and genetics to the Siberian breed development. Our main task in breeding is to establish stable lines of Siberian cats with “wild-type” colors and outstanding breed characteristics.

Our attention is focused at development of consistent type in Siberians. The Siberian breed is still very young, and so, the principle that “first to build the house, next to paint it” should be the hallmark of current breeding of Siberian cats. And “wild” colors and patterns are the best companions to the overall appearance of a “forest” cat.

Native beauty, keen intelligence, and tenderness along with the wonderful harmony of grace and might arrange the secret of charm of a Siberian. This fabulous cat is the adornment of every house, loving and trusted friend of the family. Walk along our Siberian tale, see our animals and share our love to the Russian wonder, the true Siberian cat.

Wishing you to have a good time while surfing through this site,

Arina Kozyr
Alexander Kolesnikov

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