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The cattery works since 2003, and inspite of rather short history is widely known in Russia and abroad. Now our cats live in many countries of the world, including Russia, USA, Finland, Spain, Norway, Germany, Slovakia, Netherlands è etc. The cattery has current registration and licenses of four most prominent international felinological organizations, members of International Felinological Congress – FIFe (reg. BCN ARCCA ¹686), WCF (reg. IFC ¹339/2003), TICA (reg. ¹15283) è CFA (reg. ¹221274) . Our cats participate in the shows held by organizations. We are members of two clubs – Moscow FIFe club Supercats (FIFe) and International Felinological Center Felis (WCF), which is known for its strong Siberian catteries. First of all, our cattery follows in its work the the Rules and Regulations of one of the most respectable international felinological organizations - International Felinological Federation (FIFe). All our graduates obtain the FIFe pedigree, which is recognized by all felinological organizations.

IFC Felis

We conduct persistent work upon the improvement of animals type and the development of Siberian standards, we participate in breed seminars and special shows. The articles of Alexander about the siberian breed and its origin came in press in Russian and foreign felinological editions, they are translated into another languages and published on plenty of sites in the Internet. Having a profound background in the fields of virology and microbiology, Alex often gives consultations and helps breeders in therapy of different diseases, bacterial and viral infections. Arina has completed two felinological courses, and possesses qualification of Instructor felinologist in IFSJ, and qualification of Instructor felinologist of cathegories I and II in FIFe with the rights of litters registration. She frequently helps on FIFe shows, and she is preparing to study for a judge.

The main task of the cattery is breding is show and breed class Siberian cats, which are further employed in breeding. Our cats are successful at shows and often obtain high awards on large international shows, both in Russia and abroad. Inspite of that, some our graduates with fine show quality live simply as pets, rejoicing their owners. We constantly communicate with many Russian and foreign catteries in breeding of Siberian cats, and we are always glad to meet the calls and letters of colleagues and simply Siberian cat fancies, wishing to collaborate with us in Siberian breeding.

The main attention in the selection of breeding couples is payed to the type of animals. The type of Siberian cat is the most important characteristic. It is not in vain, that according to the standard the type of the cat while judging takes up to 95 out of 100 points. Type presumes massive boning, form and structure of head, quality of fur. That is why brown tabby can be considered the basic color of cats in our cattery. Mostly in this color, which is the most natural for Siberians, the specific type of Siberian cat is stabilized best of all. Brown tabby Siberians can be considered the best basis for organization of a new cattery. However, as breeding of pedigreed cats originally has the decorative meaning, we try to pay attention to another colors also, and work with other color species, particulary with golden tabbies, silver tabbies, solid colors and all variations of these colors with white.

We constantly follow the state of health of our cats. All cats of the cattery are examined by the vet twice per year, pass all necessary analysis and obtain annual vaccination. We do not know at least one case of hereditary diseases among our graduates. The kittens obtain the first vaccination at the age of 2.5 months (polyvaccine againts infections) and at 3 months (repeat of the polyvaccine and vaccination against rabies). We vaccinate the animals only with reliable imported preparations, certified by EU (Quadricat, Nobivac Rabies, Tricat, Felavax) and perform it in state clinics to assure the quality of vaccines. Additional analysis can be carries for certain kittens upon request or when necessary. If the cats are going abroad, we label them by microchips (Bayer). We have vast experience of transportation and sending the cats abroad.

Our cats always obtain the best professional food, mineral and vitamin additives, high quality natural nutrition, veterinary service upon first request, the best means of hygiene and and show grooming. Nice preparation and condition of our cats is frequently marked at the shows. Even more attention we pay to growing our kittens. The cat withe a litter has separate room, where she is not bothered by other members of the cattery. Just from the delivery of babys, we always control their development, follow their weight, growth, emergence of molars, in order to prevent all possible problems in the development of kittens. Each day we spend a lot of time playing with kittens, attentively adopt them to the toilet and solid food, get them used to the human hands, we raise them tender and trusting people. We can tell a lot about each kitten – each baby has his own pecularities and habits, for us he is a small cat personality and our task is to facilitate common adaptation of our babies and their new hosts. The highest award for us is to know that our graduates are beloved and treasured by their new owners.

General rule of the cattery is not no sell our cats to the catteries with cat caging, as well as for gifts and presents for holidays. Unfortunately, in accordance with our point of view regarding artificial nature of colorpoint variety in Siberians, we usually avoid selling our cats to catteries, breeding Neva Masquerades. However sometimes, if demaned by further development of our breeding program, we employ in our work matings with studs of outstanding type or color, as well as queens, not having colorpoint animals in the pedigree, but being colorpoint gene carriers. In this case all kittens obtained are tested for presence of colorpoint gene. Upon transfer of animal we sign the contract with his host, which determines our mutual obligations. The standard text of the contract is provided below. When selling breeding cats, certain modifications of the contract are possible, depending upon certain circumstances. In each case it is a matter of discussion with future host of the animal.


Our idea to form a Siberian cattery was not spontaneous. Twenty years we kept an ordinary domestic kitty Knopa, whom Arina has picked up in the street in her childhood. Of course, she was not a breed-quality Siberian, but as most of Moscow semlonghair cats, she had a lot in common with Siberians. Knopa was a favorit of the whole family and love and devotion, which she gave us, will stay with us forever. In spring of 2000 we have lost her due to incurable disease. When our pain has smoothed, our house seemed to be empty. It was unbearable, and we have started our search for a new female. As a lot of owners, who have lost their beloved pet, we were scared to make a mistake in the choice of a new friend. For several months we studied descriptions of semilonghair breeds, listened stories about their characters, watched the cats on the shows, and their pictures in the Internet, roamed on cattery sites, communicated with breeders. During this time we have fallen in love with Siberian breed, and obtained a lot of interesting and useful information about it. We have enjoyed the shows and became interested in the work on breeding. Step by step we came to conclusion, that we will show our new female and breed her. Thus, we became interested in breeding qualities of our future girl also. At least, once entering the page of Valenvic cattery we were facinated by a Siberian beauty World Champion Maria Valenvic, who has soon engifted us by our small Vesta. Vesta (or Vesha at home) has at once behaved herself as an owner of our house, it was so natural, that it semed to us, that she has lived with us forever. She has established personal relations with each memeber of the family. With one she shared her secrets in the evening on the pillow, she helped another to prepare dinner, and the third was captured by her game with a mouse, with which she plays just like a dog – brings back and puts into your hand. Vesha always meets everybody in the evening coming from work, waits, until she is taken on hands, and accepts the greetings scrabbing with her fluffy cheek upon yours. Even quarrels cannot go on without her – she always separates the parties, biting the most active scandalist. Vesha became the most dear creature for the whole family.

Her breeding qulaities do not lay behind her nice character. Vesta was considered by experts of the “Felis” club to be the most prospecive kitten in the litter, and she has fully brought these prospects into life. She has participated in more of 20 cat shows within two years, including two World shows, and she has stably acquired high places in the ring. Vesta became WCF World Champion, and she was the first Russian Siberian female to obtain Quadruple Championship in TICA, where she has also won several Special and Albreed rings. The list of Vesta's show records you can see in full in the part “Our cats”.

Basyona and Vanavara, the daughters of Vesta, are no less worth than their mother. Green-eyed beauty Basyona had several times won semilonghair cathegory on FIFe and WCF shows. Golden Vanavara won Best kitten in Cesis (Lativa) and became nominant for Best in Show form Russia on the World FIFe Show in Maastricht (Netherlands). Basyona is calm, lovely girl, she is admired by her hosts. Vanavara is very tender, but she is the most playful in all the pride, and elder cats usually make a lot of allowances for her.

Vesta and her daghters are one of the best representatives of Moscow school of breeding, but we have expected, that Russia is rich by the other Siberian cats, having absolutely new bloods for Moscow. That is why we have started our search for prospective animals in another cities. In 2001 in “Felis” club we were lucky to hear the story of WCF judge Inna Shustrova about an impressive Siberian male Busik, whom she has judged on the show in Krasnoyarsk. After a long search and calls around Siberia we got acquainted with Busik's host Larisa Tsaplina, who was a a great enthusiast of Siberian breed, and with whom we constantly cooperate up to nowdays. We have waited for two years for our first Krasnoyarsk female Fenya-Rys' Ionessi, daughter of Busik, to be born. It was not in vain. On her first show held by OLSK club Fenya has obtained the title of Best kitten. Later she had a lot of notable awards, but we were happy disregarding them, because Fenya has become very dear to us without any victories. Fenya is a cat of one owner, she is attached to Arina just like a dog.

In 2006 our cattery was enriched by one more excellent daughter of Busik, Vorkuta Dostoyanie Sib. Yet at the age of 6 months, she has already obtained a serious award. Vorkuta has become Teeny Cat Germany on the show in Oberhausen (Germany), and later she has often entered and won the final ring on a lot of shows in Russia and abroad. Vorkuta is a very tender girl, she admires staying on hands and “kissing”, that is not always easy due to her six kilograms of weight.

Krasnoyarsk Siberians have greatly impressed both Russian and foreign breeders. Large, marvelously dressed cats, with perfect heads, they always take the first places at the shows. What was the most important, these Krasnoyarsk bloods are nicely fitting to Abakan bloods, which have already existed in our cattery. A lot of times it was proved by the litters, which were born due to crosses of those lines in our cattery, in “Dostoyanie Sib” and in catteries of other breeders in Russia and abroad.

We are very happy about the successful career of our cats, and we are very grateful to our predecessors, to the people, who have done an immense work on the development of type of Siberian cats – owners of catteries, and host of ancestors of Vesta, Fenya, Vorkuta and to the experts-felinologists, who had helped them in their work, for our excuisite girls. We feel a lot of responsibility for a choice of partners and breed qualities of their descendants, and we try to do our best in order to obtain stable Siberian cats with brilliant breed characteristics and native natural beauty and charm.

Our cats are our friends and members of the family, that is why we attend them attentively, carefully and responsively.
We'll be glad to answer your calls and letters!

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